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Holy Mole! Cooking in Puebla, Mexico

P1040876 In my efforts to share my travel experiences, I will start with my most recent trip to Puebla, Mexico.  My friend and I traveled there in June 2014. This was my 15th trip to Mexico, but first to Puebla. Before getting into the details of the hotel, a word about Puebla. This is by far the SAFEST city I have ever been in in ANY country. The amazing architecture makes it the most Spanish of the Mexican cities. It is a must-see for anyone interested in experiencing the real culture of Mexico.P1040882
We stayed 6 nights at the Meson Sacristia de La Compania as part of the Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz cooking school package.
The five days of very personalized cooking instruction by Lizbet and Eloy (we were the only 2 in the class!) was one of the best culinary experiences I have ever had. P1040595The food we prepared was just excellent. And the recipe binder we received made the dishes easy to prepare at home–I have made several recipes since my return home. I really cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed the class. Lizbet & Eloy–we miss you!P1040815
The room we had at the hotel was gorgeous. It was like stepping back in time to the days of the Spanish colonial times. Everyone at the hotel was so friendly to us and we felt like family by the end of a week. The location is perfect on a quaint street a couple blocks from the Zocalo. The meals we had at the hotel were wonderful. This cooking package is a steal! We had a delicious breakfast off the menu each morning, for lunch we dined on the culinary marvels we created in class, and for dinner we explored some of the many fine restaurants in the historic center. The package included one dinner at the Sacristia’s restaurant–whatever you wanted to order!–and it was terrific. In addition, the package included a two hour personal guided tour of historic Puebla, admission to the Amparo museum, and a Talavera plate filled with local sweets—all for about $600 USD per person, depending on exchange rate.
I have recommended this experience to everyone I know and I truly cannot say enough positive things about this place and Puebla in general.P1040839
A side trip to Cholula is a great experience as well–it seems there is a festival going on there almost every day!  Other must sees in Puebla are the Chapel of the Rosary and the rooftop terrace at the Amparo Museum.  This is a city of church towers and you can see a new one at every intersection.  We also had the amazing experience of watching Mexico play Brazil in the World Cup while we were there–so exciting!  Watching the match at a cafe on the Zocalo with a few micheladas–bliss!  Another thing I loved about Puebla were all of the families and couples out in the streets & the Zocalo (plaza).  I never saw so many PDA’s, but they were sweet, not gross.  It is a romantic place–I will bring my husband next time.  And maybe my dachshund, Jorge, too as the dogs in this city are very pampered, as is evident by the number of shops selling dog clothing!  Most dogs being walked had some sort of outfit on–including the cocker spaniel wearing a dress at the artisan market.  Needless to say, I bought Jorge a Mexico soccer jersey!  (And team Mexico fans–you’re welcome!  After I put his jersey on during the match with Croatia, Mexico scored 2 goals!  Coincidence?  I think not!)


Anyways, get to Puebla now!  It is one of the safest areas of the country and the people who live and visit there experience Mexico at its best!